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What Do We Do ? 

Being Ireland's only Factory Certified DuraCoat and Cerakote applicators we can refinish your firearm in any number of colours, combinations or patterns. We also stock Lacquers and Premium Stock oils enhance and protect the wood on your gun.

We keep the most common colours in stock to allow for a 1-4 week turn around. Special colour orders available on request. please note that a refinishing a component such as a barrel will take far less time than a complete head to toe refinish.   

In our experience we believe DuraCoat to be the not only the best firearms coating on the market but also the best performance to cost ratio. 

While other coatings cost up to twice the price as DuraCoat they provide minimal if any performance gains. 


Why choose Small Arms Services ?

We are passionate about our work and never settle for anything less than perfect. We also have taken the time to travel to various international training institutions to bring best practices to Ireland. 

We use professional DeVilbiss HVLP spray guns for optimal atomisation of paint and consistent paint transfer. 

To match one of the best spray guns on the market we use automotive specific air filters to give us better than breathable air by removing 99.9999% of moisture and particles to .001mm.

As DuraCoat is possibly the only manufacturer to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so too can Small Arms Services.

Small Arms Services guarantees to refinish for FREE any of our work should DuraCoat fail in any circumstance other than fair wear and tear.   


What is DuraCoat ?

DuraCoat is a 2 part paint designed for firearms and is not a spin off from other industries.

 DuraCoat's combination of elasticity and hardness creates a finish impervious to impact, scratching and the elements.


Why refinish your Firearm ?

Are you looking to freshen up an old shotgun, remove the scratches from a rifle stock or just feel like a change without the cost/time of changing your gun that fits perfectly ?

DuraCoat coatings far exceed the durability of other factory/milspec coatings and will virtually eliminate corrosion.

Where we have seen other coatings fail DuraCoat continues to offer protection.

To protect and enhance the natural beauty of wood we offer either a hard wearing 2 part Lacquer finish or several Premium stock oils to penetrate deep into the wood. In both processes we draw out dents and old gun oil as well as sand out all but the deepest scratches. 


What can be refinished ?

Pretty much anything metal, wood or plastic. Rubber can but is generally avoided as the longevity of any coating cannot be guaranteed.


How long does DuraCoat last ?

Once refinished light use is recommended for 30 days to allow DuraCoat to fully Cure. DuraCoat does not chip, peal or flake off once properly applied. After full cure under normal use DuraCoat will last a lifetime. 

 Below find just some of the samples to our work but keep checking Facebook to see what we're currently up to. 

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